Photography and Cameraderie

Sexy Edits

Yup! Editing images can be sexy! The big difference here is how each of us define sexy. Oh please, please, please… don’t get me wrong. As a man I definitely appreciate a good looking woman. However! The absolute hordes of selfies in mirrors by ladies in their panties and bras now a days on Instagram […]

It’s Been Photoshopped!

Howdy friends. This is a continuation of last months article on printing. I know most, if not all of you have heard the statement, “it’s been photoshopped”… Like it’s some kind of plague or something. Did I ever hear “it’s been dark-roomed” back in the day? No I did not, however just like today, almost […]

It’s Time to Print More!

Hello friends, welcome to another installment from my pea brain. This month I’m going to “get on you a bit”… take this article like you would back in the days of high school. Pretend I’m your coach or your counselor. I know it’s hard, I’m not those things, and we are not in those times. […]

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