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Here’s a small real world comment on the new Nikon D-850. It’s a sexy beast! Now I’m NOT a famous Nikon Ambassador. I’m not really a very famous Photographer at all. I’m simply like most of you. I am a Nikon NPS member, which used to be hard to attain. However simply stated, what I […]

    Many Photographers now a days go online and ask “Hey ya’ll, what about this or that location? What should I do to Photograph it?” I personally dislike that approach. Number one, I think it’s wrong. You’re the Photographer, go do your own research. Number two, no matter what it’s your Photograph. Asking others […]

Yup! Editing images can be sexy! The big difference here is how each of us define sexy. Oh please, please, please… don’t get me wrong. As a man I definitely appreciate a good looking woman. However! The absolute hordes of selfies in mirrors by ladies in their panties and bras now a days on Instagram […]

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