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Sometimes you’re out there and the expanse of it all simply can not be appreciated in a Photograph, no matter what you do. This is one of those times. Nikon D-850 16mm 1/30 sec f/13  

Yup! This is my 30 day anniversary of not posting one of my images to FaceBook. So what have I been doing? Intense personal study for both my Photography and Social Networking. The result? I can still post my images there, copyright protected if I post them as a preview image from my website, which […]

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Here’s a small real world comment on the Nikon D-850. It’s a sexy beast! After a year of owning it, this is the best camera I’ve ever owned. I’ll qualify that… it’s the best for me. Your milage may vary. Recently I took my lovely wife of 22 years on a PhotoSafari to scout out […]

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